Carlton J Bittinger 23 Mar 1921 - 8 Nov 1984 BUCS  Naval Air Station Washington, Navy WWII, Korea, Vietnam 1/15/42 to 2/29/76
Bedford County Memorial Park R.D. 2 Bedford, Pennsylvania, Bedford County

Cecil W Bittinger 16 May 1900 - 3 Jan 1974 Pvt. Army SATC 10/23/18 to 12/9/43
Allegheny County Memorial Park Allegheny County, PA.

Dale A Bittinger 25 Nov 1895 - 1 Jun 1971 Army WWI  Sup. Co. 316th Inf. 79 Div.  9/1/1917 Gettysburg, Pa. to 6/7/1919 Camp Dix, NJ
Prospect Hill Cemetery West Manchester Township; York County, PennsylvaniaMarie E. Bittinger (wife)

Daniel Bittinger  Pvt. Army Civil War Co. L. 21st Pa. Cav 182nd Regt. 2/10/64 to 7/8/65Mentzers Cemetery Greene Township, Franklin County, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 

Emmert G Bittinger 24 Dec 1916 - 18 Jan 1995 Pvt. Army WWII 12/9/42 to 7/24/43
Green Hill Cemetery Waynesboro, Franklin County, Pennsylvania 

Emmert George Bittinger 24 Dec 1916 - 18 Jan 1995 (same as above)
Green Hill Cemetery Waynesboro, Franklin County, Pennsylvania 

Edward W Bittinger 22 Jun 1918 - 10 Feb 1983 Pvt. Army WWII Co. C. 174th Inf 7/24/42 to 9/23/45
Salisbury Cemetery Somerset, Salisbury, Somerset County, PA.

Ervin S Bittinger 15 Feb 1922 - 29 Oct 1984 T/4 Army WWII, 58th Signal Repair Co. 10/12/42 to 10/25/45
Greene County Memorial Cemetery Morgan Township; Green Co, Pennsylvania  

Gerald M Bittinger 1 Dec 1900 - 5 Jul 1979 Pvt. Army WWII, Medical Det. 330th Inf. 10/9/1942 to 2/19/1943
Mount Pleasant Cemetery Greene Township, Franklin County, PA. 

George William Bittinger 14 May 1901 - 8 Sep 1963 Pvt. Army WWII 1857th Unit (unassigned) 18 Sept 42 to 24 Feb 43
Mizpah Cemetery Stoneycreek Township, Somerset, County, Pennsylvania 

George W Bittinger   Civil War Army Pvt. 112th Regt. Bat. C. H.A. 10/30/1862 to 7/22/1865
Adams Cemetery 3 Miles N of Mexico, Juniata County PA.

Henry Bittinger 13 Nov 1821 - 22 Apr 1879 Pvt. Army Civil War Co. I, 162nd Reg. P. V. 9/26/1862 to 2/16/1863
Mount Olivet Cemetery Hanover Boro, York Co., Pa. 

Henry P Bittinger  Pvt. Army Civil War Co. F. 16th Pa. Inf 4/25/61 to 7/30/61
Mount of Olives Cemetery Hanover Township, York County, Pennsylvania 

Herman Edward Bittinger 1915 - 5 Apr 1961 WWII  V.A. Hosp, Lebanon, So. Leb. Twp. (no further information given)
Bendersville Cemetery Adams, Bendersville

Herman W Bittinger Sr 20 Mar 1928 - 24 Oct 1996 PFC Army Korea A Btry 62nd AAA, AW, BN 28 Nov 50 to 3 Nov 53
St John's Cemetery R D # 3 Meyersdale, Larimer Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania

Howard S Bittinger 28 Aug 1886 - 15 May 1973 PFC Army WWI Co. 2, 1st Bn, 153rd DB, MG Co. 112th Inf 5/26/17 to 3/7/19
Mechanicsburg Cemetery, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania; Mrs. Phyllis J. Berkheimer (daughter)

Jacob Bittinger    Pvt. Army War of 1812, Baltimore City Defense Troop, Chamb'g Co. Capt J. Findlay 8/24/14 to ?
St Johns Lutheran Cemetery, Greenvillage, Greene Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania 

James Bittinger 29 Jul 1834 - 24 Oct 1897 Pvt. Army Co. K. 97th Regt. Pa. Vol Inf 2/22/65 to 8/28/65
Air Hill Cemetery Greene Township, Franklin County, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

James R Bittinger 26 May 1919 - 15 Jun 1977 Army WWII Ptr. 3/c, USN-I (SA) 3/19/44 to 2/18/46
Lincoln Cemetery Lincoln Way East, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Franklin County

John S Bittinger 1841 - 1907 Pvt. Army Civil War Co. A. 165th Pa. Militia 11/4/62 to 7/28/63
Mont Alto Cemetery Quincy Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania 

Joseph S Bittinger 10 Jun 1842 - 25 Jan 1889 Pvt. Army Civil War Co. D. 126th Pa. Vol Inf. 8/6/62 to 12/7/62
Union Graveyard Fayetteville, Greene Township Franklin County, PA.

Nicholas Bittinger  Captain Army Revolutionary War Capt. McDonald's 2nd Bat of Washington Staff Aug 1776
Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery Abbottstown Boro, Adams County, Pennsylvania 

Nicholas Bittinger 1725 - 1803 Revolutionary War (no additional information given)
Mount Olivet Cemetery Penn; Township York County, PA.

Oliver J Bittinger 9 Jan 1896 - 20 Nov 1971 Cpl. Army WWI Co. A. 301st Bn Tank corps  9/19/17 to 4/19/19
Prospect Hill Cemetery, West Pennsboro Twp Cumberland County, Pennsylvania; Anna E. Bittinger (daughter)

Raymond Watson Bittinger 1 Aug 1920 - 15 Jan 1984 Pfc. Army WWII 883 Med. Collecting Co. 3/17/1941 to 6/24/1945
Spring Hill Cemetery Shippensburg, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

Simon Bittinger   12 Aug 1863 Corporal Army Civil War Co. E. 165th Pa. Inf. Nov. 6, 1862 to July 28, 1863
Mount Carmel Cemetery Littlestown, Adams County, Pennsylvania  No G.A.R. Marker

William Bittinger 1842 - 1923 Private Army Civil War Company G. 41st Regt. Pa. Vol. 6/25/61  Not accounted for; Dillsburg Cemetery, Carroll Township; Washington County; Pennsylvania; G.A.R. Marker

William E Bittinger 17 Oct 1923 - 17 May 1974 Cpl. Army WWII Co. H. 132nd Inf Regt AmerDiv 2/10/43 to 12/10/45
Spring Hill Cemetery Shippensburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania 




Anna Doutt Crow (widow of Frank M.), 5 Jul 1893 - 19 Jan 1993, Morningside Cemetery; Dubois, Sandy Township, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania

Bazil Crow,  [death]11 Aug 1924, Army U.S. Civil War, Glenwood Cemetery; Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

Charles L. Crow, 2 Sep 1926 - 25 Apr 1987, Army/Air Force WWII/Korean, Greenwood Memorial Park; Lower Burrell, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

Charles R. Crow, Jr., 27 Jun 1908 - 10 Feb 1976, Army WWII, Allegheny Cemetery; Butler St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Clarence C. Crow, 8 Jan 1896 - 4 Sep 1941, Army WWI,  Loudonville, Ohio

Crow, [no given name]   U.S. Civil War,  Presbyterian Cemetery; Old Frame, Pennsylvania

David Crow, 5 Apr 1872 - 1 Sep 1936, Navy WWI, National Cemetery; Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

Dewey Louis Crow, 14 Dec 1899 - 7 Feb 1959, Army WWI, West Sunbury UP Cemetery; Clay Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania

Donald Jacob Crow, 7 May 1920 - 9 Feb 1974, Army WWII, Lawn Haven Burial Estates Cemetery; E Franklin Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania

Frank Marshall, Crow 4 Jun 1895 - 10 Jan 1947, Army WWI, Morningside Cemeter;y Rd DUbosis, Pennsylvania

Doctor George C Crow, 1 Jan 1837 - 11 Mar 1924, Army U.S. Civil War, Laurel Point Cemetery; Cumberland Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania

Harry A. Crow, 20 Aug 1894 - 20 Jun 1969, Army WWI, Howse Cemetery; Long Branch Boro, Wash. Co., Pennsylvania 

Harry E. Crow, 16 Jun 1873 - 22 May 1935, Army Spanish-American, Aulenbach Cemetery; Reading, Pennsylvania

Henry Crow,   [death]14 Oct 1918, Army U.S. Civil War, Lavelle Cemetery Lavelle, Pennsylvania

Howard J. Crow, 23 Sep 1888 - 26 Sep 1960, Army WWI, Union Dale Cemetery Allegheny

Jack C. Crow, 19 Dec 1921 - 10 Aug 1986, Army WWII, Leesport Union Cemetery; Ontelaunee Township; Berks County, Pennsylvania

Jacob Crow, 1832 - 1889, Army U.S. Civil War, Chevler Evans Cemetery; Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania 

Jacob Spencer Crow, 9 Jan 1891 - 2 Nov 1963, Army WWI, Rural Valley Cemetery; Rural Valley Borough, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania

James Crow, 12 Jun 1894 - 30 Mar 1957, Army WWI, Holy Cross Cemetery; Yeadon, Delaware County, Pennsylvania

John Bigler Crow, 27 Mar 1908 - 12 May 1968, Navy WWII, Park Place Cemetery; Uniontown, Fayette County, Pennsylvania

James E. Crow, 1836 - 10 Jul 1889, Army U.S. Civil War, Uniondale Cemetery, Div. I; Brighton Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

John Crow, 1833 - 10 Aug 1870, U.S. Civil War, Woodward Cemetery; Woodward Township, Pennsylvania 

John Warren Crow, 1 Jul 1887 - 22 Feb 1969, Army WWI, West Alexander Cemetery; West Alexander, Wash, County, Pennsylvania

Josiah Benton Crow, Jr., 14 Mar 1917 - 25 Jul 1977, Army WWII, Oak Grove; Uniontown, Fayette County, Pennsylvania

McKinley P. Crow, 18 Sep 1896 - 11 Mar 1967, Army WWI,Washington Cemetery; Washington, Washington County, Pennsylvania

Melvin C. Crow, 17 Jul 1894 - 31 Dec 1968, Army WWI, Homewood Cemetery; Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania

Morland H. Crow, 18 Oct 1897 - 22 Oct 1979, Army WWII, Leesport Cemetery; Leesport, Berks County, Pennsylvania

Moses Crow, 1827 - 3 Jan 1894, Army U.S. Civil War, Oakhill Cemetery; Sandy Lake, Mercer County, Pennsylvania

Omar A. Crow, 3 May 1906 - 28 Mar 1978, Army WWII, Mount Moriah Cemetery; Smithfield, Fayette County, Pennsylvania

Ora Victor Crow, 27 Oct 1893 - 22 Feb 1968, Navy WWI, Lawncroft Cemetery; Boothwyn; Del Co, Pennsylvania

Paul E. Crow, 26 May 1909 - 20 May 1995, Army WWII, Lewisburg Cemetery; Lewisburg, Union County, Pennsylvania

Ralph R. Crow, 5 Jun 1921 - 27 Jan 1979, Army WWII, Millcreek Hill Greene Township, Beaver County, Pennsylvania

Robert Crow, [no further information given] Riverview Cemetery; Northumberland County, Pennsylvania

Robert E. Crow,  11 Apr 1926 - 24 Aug 1990,  Navy WWII, North Side Catholic Cemetery; 204 Cemetery Lane, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Robert H. Crow, 20 Feb 1923 - 12 Aug 1997, Marines WWII, Crow Family Cemetery; Richill Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania

Silvie James Crow, 3 Oct 1896 - 6 Dec 1973, Army WWI, Evergreen Memorial Park Cemetery; Point Marion, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania

Soloman Crow,  Army U.S. Civil War,  Lowe Cemetery; Long Branch Boro, Wash. Co., Pennsylvania 

Thomas James Crow, 1849 - 26 Oct 1879, Army U.S. Civil War, South Side Cemetery; Brownsville Road; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

William A. Crow, 28 May 1898 - 18 Aug 1971, Army WWI, Greenwood Memorial Park; Lower Burrell, Wstm'r County

William J Crow, 22 Jan 1902 - 13 Oct 1974, Army Korean, WWII, Oak Grove Cemetery; Uniontown, Pennsylvania Fayette County, Pennsylvania

William M Crow, 1 Sep 1891 - 18 Jun 1975, Army WWI, Union Dale Cemetery; Allegheny




HUMBERSTONE, William A.  1819 to 2/16/1889  Pilot, Navy, Civil War, Naval Service; Discharged 6/29/1965
Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA







                             Grant Humbertson   


                                  Jacob Humbertson                                                                                                                                     


                                               Ralph Humbertson






LAYMAN, Adam D.    8/3/17 to 11/16/17;   Pvt. Army  WWI,   29th Div, N.G. - 104th Motor;  
Green Hill Cemetery, Waynesburg; Morgan Township; Greene County, (Franklin Co. is also shown) Pennsylvania

LAYMAN, Alfred A.    death 4 Oct 1901; Pvt., Army, Civil War, Co. D 11th Reg. Pa. Vol. Inf. ; Apr 24, 1861 to July 26, 1861
Williamsport Cem. ,Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania  

LAYMAN, Alston   [same as below] death 8 Jun 1886   Pvt., Army,  Civil War, Co H 143rd Regt. NY Vol ; 8/14/62 to 7/20/65
Pine Grove Cemetery, Ridgeway, Elk County, Pennsylvania 

LAYMAN, Alton D. [same as above] death 8 Jun 1886,  Pvt., Army, Civil War, Co. H., 143rd N.Y.Vol.
Pine grove Cemetery, Ridgeway,Elk County Pennsylvania 

LAYMAN, Andrew Johnson  Death 28 Nov 1954,  Pvt.1/c, Army World War I, Base Hosp.#10 USA, 5/7/1917 to 4/22/1919
Arlington Cemetery, Drexel Hill; Delaware County, Pennsylvania

LAYMAN, Francis Elmer  20 Jun 1911 to 27 Apr 1964, Pvt. 1/c, Army, WWII, 9201st Tech. Serv. Unit, Transp. Corps, 7/31/1942 to 2/7/1946
Arlington Cemetery, Drexel Hill; Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Ref.-Mildred A. Layman, 232 E. Turnbull Avenue, Havertown, Penna.

LAYMAN, Fredk    death 27 Jan 1898,   Drummer,  Army,  Civil War,  Co. D., 79th Pa. Vol., Discharged 10/3/1864
Monongahela, Washington County, Pennsylvania 

LAYMAN, Harry Niles Layman, 1 Sep 1911 to 3 Apr 1977, Tech. 5, Army, WWII, 609th Engrs. Light Equip., 2/1/1943 to 12/1/1945
Arlington Cemetery, Drexel Hill; Delaware County, Pennsylvania

LAYMAN, Hobert W.,  8 Sep 1922 to 21 Nov 1953, Pvt., Army, WWII, Medical Detachment, 358th Inf., 12/9/1942 to 7/21/1943
Nicholson Cem., Normalville,  Fayette County, Pennsylvania, R D #1;  Mrs. Ruby Layman

LAYMAN, Homer J.  6 Dec 1919 to 7 Dec 1997, S/SGT., Air Force, WWII, 2/17/1941 to 9/9/1945
Oakland Cemetery, Indiana County, Indiana, Pennsylvania 

LAYMAN, Howard E.  21 Nov 1891 to 19 Dec 1927,  Pvt., Army, WWI, Motor Transport Corps, 8/19/1918 to 1/25/1919
Holy Cross Cemetery, Yeadon, Delaware County, PA. (Philadelphia Co. also shown) 

LAYMAN, James W.   24 May 1922 to 13 Feb 1980, CPL., Army, WWII, 4/22/1943 to 3/16/1946
Laws Cemetery, Saltlick Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania;  Mrs. Elsie Layman, WIFE

LAYMAN, John  (no birth/death date shown) Pvt.,  Army,  U.S. Civil War,  Co. B. 55th Regt. Pa. Vol. Inf.,  9/17/61 to 8.30.65
Brock's Cemetery,  Ashland, Fountain Springs, Ashland, Schuykill County, Pennsylvania

LAYMAN, John    1826 to 1906, Pvt., Civil War, Co. L, 102nd Regt. P.V.I., 3/16/65 to 6/16/65
Maple Grove Cemetery, Belleville, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania 

LAYMAN, John    26 Dec 1834 to 2 Sep 1899,  Corp., Civil War,  Co. A  5th Reg. P.R.V.C.; Corp. Co. A, 34th Reg. 5th Pa. Res.,
Camptown Cemetery #72, Wyalusing, Bedford County, PennsylvaniaWounded at Fredericksburg, in hospital at muster out.

LAYMAN, John A.   19 Jan 1906 to 28 Mar 1975, Painter 1/c, Navy WWII, 12/29/42 to 6/27/46, USNR
Arlington Cem, Drexel Hill; Delaware County, Pennsylvania    

LAYMAN, John P.   Pvt., Civil War, Co. K Pa., Inf. Corp., Corp. Co. K, 206 Pa. Inf.; 8/21/62 to 6/29/65
Richard Cemetery, Scalp Level, Cambria County, Pennsylvania

LAYMAN, Marvin L.  23 Aug 1919 to 27 Sep 1998, Cpl., Army Air Force, WWII, Air Depot #1, Air Serv Cmd; 7/23/1943 to 4/7/1946
Hershey Cemetery, Hershey, Derry Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania 

LAYMAN, Michael  10 Oct 1818 to 17 May 1892, Civil War;
Bethel Cemetery, Chanceford Township; York County, Pennsylvania 

LAYMAN, Nelson R.  2 Apr 1918 to 10 Feb 1980, Ssgt., Army, WWII, 51st Sig. Opn. Bn. ,10/23/42 to 10/13/45 
Union Cemetery, Weatherly, Carbon County, Pennsylvania; Irene K. Layman 217 7th St., Weatherly, Pa. 18255

LAYMAN, Roy  27 Nov 1889 to 8 May 1967, Corp., Army WWI,  VA XC 21 538 514, Btry F., 6th Regt., P.A.R.D. ; 1 July 1918 to 17 Dec 1918
Hillcrest Memorial Park, E. State St., Sharon, Mercer County, Pennsylvania 

LAYMAN, William H.  Pvt. Civil War Co.  I., 213th Regt. Pa. Vol. Inf.; 2/21/65 to 11/18/65
Lutheran Cemetery, North Wales, Montgomery Co, Pennsylvania




Birth Date: 1839 Death Date:  1926 Age: 87
Army  U.S. Civil War (service record not listed) GAR Marker
Mount Olivet (or Mount of Olives) Cemetery,  Penn; Township York Co., PA.


Birth Date: 22 Dec 1906 Death Date: 11 Nov 1944 Age: 37
Army  World War II 3/25/42 to 11/11/44, HDQ. Co. 9th Armored Inf. T/5
(buried 8/8/48)  Coles Cemetery, Derry; Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania


Army,  Pvt. 5/16/64 to 8/15/65, Co. K. 186th Regt. P.V.I., U.S. Civil War
Laurel Hill Furnace Cemetery, St Clair Township New Florence Westmoreland Co.


Birth Date: 23 Sep 1911 Death Date: 25 Apr 1991 Age: 79
Army  World War II, T/5, Co. C, 137th Armd Ord Maint Bn 3/25/1942 to 10/23/1945
Coles Cemetery,  Derry; Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania
wife: Ruth Winebrenner


Birth Date: 12 Oct 1923 Death Date: 27 Nov 1990 Age: 67
Army Tec.5 World War II June 15, 1943 to February 14, 1946, Company A, 763rd RS BN TD
Woodlawn Memorial Gardens  Harrisburg; Dauphin County, Pennsylvania


Birth Date: 1921 Death Date: 1944 Age: 23
Army  Lieut. World War II  Killed in European Area 11/10/1944
Mount Olivet Cemetery  Hanover Township, York Co., Pennsylvania
June 30, 1947 by George T. Eckert


Army Pvt. 8/12/62 to 7/1/65, Co-B 1st Bat Pa. Cav., Co-D 4 Regt. Pa. Cav. U.S. Civil War
Laurel Hill Furnace Cemetery St Clair Township Westmoreland Co.


Army Civil War 2nd Lieutenant Co. L. 6th Pa. Heavy Artillery, 9/1/64 to 6/13/65U.S.
Cemetery Name: Westview Cemetery  Location: Bolivar, Westmoreland Co. Pennsylvania


Birth Date: 3 Jul 1898 Death Date: 23 May 1974 Age: 75
Pfc. & Sgt., Army & Army Air Force, World War I, World War II 4/20/1917 to 5/16/1919 and 10/22/1943 to 9/5/1945, Co. G, 111th Inf. & 836th Bomb. Sq., AAF,
Coles Cemetery  Location: Derry; Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania







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