Immigration and Passenger Lists for names associated with those we are researching.  These were taken from multiple and various sources and there may be some duplication.  Note:a "-"  between name and port indicates no age given.

Abstract of Passengers arriving from Foreign Countries at the Port of  Alexandria in the District of Columbia during the quarter ending the 31st day of September 1845

Denonination                                                Place whence sailed 
And name of the Vessel                                Bermuda
Schooner Olive Branch      Name of Master 
Ship John Marshall             Joseph Hinson
                                            Wm P Porthuss      
                                                                               Country to which    Country of which they
Names of passengers       Age Sex     Occupation    they belong            wish to inhabit 
Louis Hinson                     26  female   traveler         Bermuda                Bermuda
John C Naim                    40  male       physician      United States         United States
John W Shopshir            27    “           planter                 “                            “
Stephen Baker               33    “           mason            England                       “
Elizabeth Baker            32 female     his wife                “                            “
Eliza Baker                     8    “             his
Louis Baker                    5   male        children                “                            “
Arthur Baker                 3     “                                         “                            “
Mary Baker                  17     “            his sister              “                            “
John James                 33    male       miner                    “                            “
Ann James                   32  female    his wife                 “                            “
George James             10   male        his                         “                           “
John James                  8      “           Children                “                            “
Thomas James             6      “                                         “                           “
Mary Ann James          5    female         “                       “                           “
William James              3     male            “                       “                          “
Sarah James                1   female           “                       “                          “
John Colbert              21    male       labourer           Ireland                     “
Ellen Colbert              24   Female    seamstress         “                             “
Catherine Harrigan     23     “                 “                     “                            “
Martin Morris             10   male        her nephew         “                             “
Martin Proderic**       25     “           labourer          United States           “
Catherine Cameron     26 female     sailors wife      Scotland                    “
Donald Cameron          2     male       her child                “                           “
Roseanna Morgan        15  female    seamstress         England                   “
Ann Larkin                   20     “          sailors wife             “                          “
William Warren           22    male     clerk                 Ireland                      “
Charles Johns             29      “         merchant         Bermuda                  Bermuda
Joseph Dill                  19      “               “                        “                           “
Richard Dill                 20      “               “                        “                           “

District of Alexandria  Collectors Office 1st October 1845  Edward Green
(Courtesy of Pat Thomas)

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Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s
Two Brothers

[List 115 B, C] Two Brothers
Captain: Thomas Arnott
From: Rotterdam
By Way of: Leith
Arrival: Philadelphia, 13 Oct 1747

From the Palatinate (Bayern-Pfalz) and adjacent areas.

Name, Age Place of Origin USA Spelling Variations

Georg Philippus Groh none stated Kroh

[Note: George Philip Groh ~ Many believe that George Philip Groh/Kroh was the start of the Crow/Crowe line in Western Maryland. George Philip Groh b. 1719 Germany d. abt. 1780 USA, son George (Philip) Groh b. 1735 Germany d. unknown in MD, son William Crow b.1773 in Allegany Co, MD d. unknown in Frostburg, MD. Burial places have not been located for them yet.]

Name Year Age Place

Adam Crowe 1635 19 Virginia
Andrew Crow 1688 - Virginia

Ann Crow 1666 - Maryland
Ann Crowe
Year: 1666
Place: Maryland
Source Publication Code: 8510
Primary Immigrant: Crowe, Ann
Annotation: Index from manuscript by Arthur Trader, Chief Clerk in the Maryland Land Commission, 1917. And see nos. 4507-4511, Land Notes.
Source Bibliography: SKORDAS, GUST, editor. The Early Settlers of Maryland: an Index to Names of Immigrants, Compiled from Records of Land Patents, 1633-1680, in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1968. 525p. Repr. 1986.
Page: 117
Ann Crow 1663-1679 - Virginia
Ann Crow 1676 - Virginia

Benjamin Crowe 1685 - America
Benjamin Crowe
Year: 1685
Place: America
Source Publication Code: 1217.5
Primary Immigrant: Crowe, Benjamin
Source Bibliography: COLDHAM, PETER WILSON. Bonded Passengers to America. 9 vols. in 3. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1983. Vol. 5. Western Circuit, 1664-1775: Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, and Wiltshire, with a List of the Rebels of 1685. 95p.
Page: 91
Benjamin Crowe
Year: 1685
Place: America
Source Publication Code: 1220.11
Primary Immigrant: Crowe, Benjamin
Annotation: Date and port of arrival, or date of sentencing or reprieve for transport and port of arrival. Name of ship, crime convicted of, and other information may also be provided. The remainder of the book will be indexed as source number 1220.12 in PILI 1999 Part 2.
Source Bibliography: COLDHAM, PETER WILSON. The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage, 1614-1775. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1988. pp. 1-461.

Page: 200

Daniel Crowe
Year: 1767
Place: America
Source Publication Code: 1220.11
Primary Immigrant: Crowe, Daniel
Annotation: Date and port of arrival, or date of sentencing or reprieve for transport and port of arrival. Name of ship, crime convicted of, and other information may also be provided. The remainder of the book will be indexed as source number 1220.12 in PILI 1999 Part 2.
Source Bibliography: COLDHAM, PETER WILSON. The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage, 1614-1775. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1988. pp. 1-461.
Page: 200
Daniel Crowe
Year: 1768
Place: America
Source Publication Code: 1222
Primary Immigrant: Crowe, Daniel
Annotation: The county of Middlesex encloses the city of London, so these were largely London departures, transportation bonds, etc. The final eight pages list transport ships to American colonies, 1716-1775, bearing Middlesex convicts only. There is an excellent introduction to transportation of convicts in Middlesex Sessions Records, 4 volumes; Goal Delivery Reports, 1620-1672; Books and Sessions Rolls. Also see nos. 1217.2-1217.3, Coldham.
Source Bibliography: COLDHAM, PETER WILSON, compiler and editor English Convicts in Colonial America. Volume 1: Middlesex 1617-1775. New Orleans: Polyanthos, 1974. 309p.

Page: 68
Dorothy Crow 1660 Maryland
Edward Crow 1682 Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Crow 1690 Virginia
Elizabeth Crowe
Year: 1773
Place: Pennsylvania
Source Publication Code: 7207
Primary Immigrant: Crowe, Elizabeth
Annotation: Original volume, from which this was taken, is among the holdings of the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia. Much information on persons indentured. Printed in part in nos. 7222-7223.
Source Bibliography: "RECORD OF INDENTURES OF INDIVIDUALS BOUND OUT as Apprentices, Servants, Etc. and of German and Other Redemptioners in the Office of the Mayor of the City of Philadelphia, October 3, 1771, to October 5, 1773." In The Pennsylvania-German Society Proceedings and Addresses, vol. 16 (1905), Lancaster, PA: 1907. 325p. Reprinted with added index by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1973. 364p.

Page: 254
Francis Crow 1673 - Maryland
Gournay Crow 1671 - Maryland
Henry Crow 1636 - Virginia
James Crow 1657 - Virginia
James Crow 1687 - Virginia
Jno Crow 1662 - Virginia
John Crow 1666 - Maryland
Julyan Crow 1668 - Virginia
Mary Crow 1657 - Virginia
Mary Crow 1662 - Virginia
Mary Crow 1663 - Virginia
Oliver Crow 1665-1666 - Virginia
Peter Crow 1671 - Virginia
Ralph Crow 1675 - Maryland
Rebecca Crow 1664 - Virginia
Richard Crow 1664 - America
Richd Crow 1690 - Virginia
Sarah Crow 1669 - Virginia
Tho Crow 1663 - Virginia
Tho Crow 1673 - Virginia
Thomas Crow 1679 - America
Thomas Crow 1684 - America
Walter Crow 1663-1679 - Virginia
Walter Crow 1665 - Virginia
Wm. Crow 1662 - Virginia
Wm. Crow 1663 - Virginia
Jacques de Crow 1700 - Virginia


John Humberston 1661  -  Maryland 
Henry Humberstone 1620-1650  -  New Haven, Connecticut 
Christophe Humbert 1720  -  Louisiana 
Cristof Humbert 1720  -  Louisiana 
David Humbert 1733-1783  -  Georgia 
Dennis Humbert 1663  -  Maryland 
Dennis Humbert 1667  -  Maryland 
George Humbert 1720  -  Louisiana 
Gottfried Humbert 1733-1783  -  Georgia 
Jeorge Humbert 1720  -  Louisiana 
Nathaniel Humbert 1733-1783  -  Georgia 
Nicolas Humbert 1727  -  New Orleans 
Susanna Humbert 1733-1783  -  Georgia 
Wilhelm Humbert 1750  -  Pennsylvania 
Wilhelm Humbert 1750  -  Philadelphia 
Wilhelm Humbert 1750  -  Philadelphia 
Samuel Humbertone 1598-1867  -  Nova Scotia 
Samuel Humbertone 1667-1867  -  Nova Scotia 






Johannes Layman
Year:    1727 
Place:    Philadelphia 
Source Publication Code:    9041 
Primary Immigrant:    Layman, Johannes

Source Bibliography:    STRASSBURGER, RALPH BEAVER. Pennsylvania German Pioneers: A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808. Edited by William John Hinke. Norristown [PA]: Pennsylvania German Society, 1934. 3 vols. Vols. 1 and 3 reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1964. Repr. 1983. Vol. 1. 1727-1775. 776p. 
Page:    14 




Anthon Weinbrener 1752     Philadelphia 
Wolfgang Weinbrener 1752 Pennsylvania/Wolfgang Winebrener 1752     Philadelphia 
Johann Christ Weinbrenner 1753 Philadelphia/Christian Winebrenner 1753     Pennsylvania
Peter Weinbrenner 1774     Canada
Anna Gertrude Weinbrenner 1820     America 
Frederick C. H. Weinbrenner 1824   Baltimore F. C. H. Weinbrumer 1822  35  Baltimore  
Katharina Weinbrenner 1852  25  North America 
Konrad Weinbrenner 1833     America 
Louis Weinbrenner 1871  44  Ontario 
Philipp Weinbrenner 1879     Port uncertain 
J. C. H. Weinbrumer 1822  35  Baltimore 
W. Winebrener 1821  35  Philadelphia 

Ship Phoenix  Rotterdam, Cowes, Philadelphia  ~  November 1752

Source: PENNSYLVANIA GERMAN PIONEERS, Compiled by Ralph Beaver
Strassburger, Edited by William John Hinke, (Pennsylvania German Society,
Norristown, Pennsylvania, 1934), Volume I, pages 507-509.

"At a Council at the CourtHouse in Philadelphia, Wednesday, the 22nd
November 1752.
          Present: Joshua Maddoc, Esquire.
The foreigners whose Names are underwritten, Imported in the Ship Phoenix,
Captain Ruben Honor, from Rotterdam and last from Cowes, did this day take
the usual Qualifications.


Wolfgang (X) Winebrener           Anthon ( ) Weinbrener"

[Believed to be the two eldest sons of Johann Theiß and Catherine/Katrina, preceded the family to Philadelphia the year before Catherine arrived with four more of her children.  Wolfgang and Anthon could also be brothers of Johann Theiß. See notes below for more info on this family.


Snow Rowand  Rotterdam to Philadelphia  ~  Qualified September 29th 1753

List 209 A] "A List of the Names of the Men & Boys above sixteen Years of Age, Imported in the Ship of Snow, Called the Rowand, Arthur Tran, Master, from Rotterdam. Philadia Sept 29th 1753. 109 Imported

Christian Winebrenner 

[List 209 B] "Foreigners imported in the Ship or Snow Rowand,
Capt. Arthur Tran, from Rotterdam. Qual. 29th September, 1753.  109 Imported

Johann Christ Weinbrener "                        

[List 209 C] "At the Court House at Philadelphia, Saturday, the 29 September, 1753.  Present: Joshua Maddox, Esquire.
The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten, imported in the Ship or Snow called the Rowand, Capt Arthur Tran, from Rotterdam but last from Cowes in England, did this Day take the usual Qualification. No. 109.

Johann Christ Weinbrener  

According to directions we have carefully examin'd the State of Health of the Mariners and Passengers on board the Snow Rowan, Capt. Alterhand [!] from Roterdam[sic] and found nothing amongst them which we apprehend can be injurious to the Healths of the Inhabitants of the City.
To his Honour Tho. Graeme
The Governour. Th. Bond
Doctors Report on the Ship Rowan, 29th Septr 1753."


From the records of Patsy Ann Mc Knight:
"Passport from Province of Baden, Karlsruhe, Germany in 1752.  Sailed on ship Rowand, Capt. Arthur Tran.  Layover for clearance at Cowes, Isle of Wight.
Landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylviana on 29 Sep 1753.  Ship lists only one Winebrenner & wife [
?] Anna Maria. [this seems to be an assumption ~ Ann Maria was the name of Johann Christian's second wife. None of the lists indicate "& wife"]. Name was Anglicised at processing or misspelled on the records, but Johann Christian retained the original spelling until his death, as shown on his will.
Oath of Allegiance, And Abduration Signed in compliance with Province of Pennsylvania, and known as qualified.  Belonged to German Reformed Church."

 [Note:There has been speculation that the father of this family (Johann Theiß Weinbrenner) either died in Germany before the family left or that he may have died aboard the Snow Rowand.   *I sent an inquiry about the three separate passengers lists 209A, 209B and 209C to the ISTG because I noted that the number of imported and qualifying passengers remain 109.  If Johann Theiß had died aboard ship, the number would have changed to 108 passengers signing qualification papers in Philadelphia.  The doctor did not record a death at sea.  The different spellings of the last name is  from transcriptions at "Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild"   (http://www.immigrantships.net/).  Catherine's youngest child was born in 1752.  Although they may have planned to emigrate as a family, it is likely Johann Theiß and Catherine decided to stay behind, so she would not deliver the baby aboard ship] (notes by Carol Vivier)

*[Note: a reply dated 9 October, 2003 from the ISTG confirms the passenger count on all three lists was 109]

A passport was issued to Johann Theiß in 1752, however, it appears he did not leave Germany, only Anthon & Wolfgang emigrated in 1752. We believe he died in Germany about that time. He is not listed on any of the three passenger lists (boarding, imported or qualified) for 1752 or 1753 when his family emigrated to Pennsylvania.

Catherine/Katrina and her four children arrived in Philadelphia on September 29, 1753, aboard the Ship Rowand, Arthur Trann, Captain.  Johann Christian, being eldest son was listed as "head of family".  Living conditions aboard ship were as follows:

the diet of passengers was:

Sundays- meat with peas/beans/rice;


Tuesdays- bacon fat with peas/beans/rice;


Thursdays- meat with peas/beans/rice;

Fridays- butter and dried cod with peas/beans/ rice;

Saturdays- bread and cheese with pea soup. 

They were given water and a daily measure of  beer, and were allowed six hours of fire to prepare their food and warm themselves, if wind and weather permitted.  Thirsty individuals were allowed a measure of wine to make a spiced wine drink [grog]. 

Their sleeping spaces were described as " six foot long and one and one half feet wide."



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