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"Cumberland Evening Times
May 28, 1928
List Included Five Who Answered Last Roll Call Within the Past Year

Following is the list of soldiers of the Union Army, who are buried in the various cemeteries in and about Cumberland and whose graves will be decorated Monday by committees from the Grand Army of the Republic.

NOTE-Names filled in and marked with a star (*) are those who have died in the last year.

Rose Hill Cemetery -

Wm. Brace, Sr.,       Nathaniel Bryan,      Daniel Blocher,      Rev. J. G.? Butler,      Geo Berkley,      Wm. Beveridge,  Thos. Bird, (colored),      Robert Bruce,      Isaac Brinker,     Jacob Bell,      D. W.  Buzzard,      Oliver Beltz,       

Thomas Coffee,      W. H. Cross,      Simon Coleman,      James Campbell (colored),      John W. Cook,                         Thos. H. Chandler,      Dr. W. J?. Craigen,      James A. Cook,      Charles Coffman,      Geo. Couter,      Tomas Cole, Jesse H. Critchfield, *     Robert R. Couter,

Somerville Dawson,      William Dowden,      John Deetz,      George W. Davis,      Richard Dye,      Richard Deffenbaugh, Samuel F. Davis,      H. B. Dean,      Lloyd H. Dowden,     

Dr. S. N. Etzroth,      Jeremiah Everly,      James T. Eckshaw,     

John Fleegle,      Corporal Charles Feeney,      George G. Freathey(sergt),      John Foster,      Jno W. R. Fisher,   James Foreman,      David Finley,      *Andrew Fink,

Harrison Gephart,      Elias Groves,      Charles Gilpin (colonel),      Wm. Gephart,      William Gorman,                          Chas. W. Gephart,      E. C. Gaskill,      Joseph W. Geary,      Dennis Graves,      John Guisinger,      Samuel T. Gogley,

John H. Holtzman,      L. M. Hyams,      Jos. T. Hansell,      Walter Hensell,      Thomas G. Holtzman,      Ezra Hendley, W. W. Hager,      N. O. Hinchman (lieut.),      B. R. Hornsby,      Amon? House,      George Helgoth,      Thos. E. Halley, Jas. H. Hiteschew,      H. H. Horn,      Jno. T. Hager,      Adam Hendley,      Joshua Hopwood,      John T. Hite,

Washington Irvine,

Thomas Johns (colonel),      H. J. Johnson (colonel),      Wm. James,      Walter Jewett,      Thos. H. Jones,                    A. J. Kegg,      Jos. Kirkley,      August Knipper,      Randolph Kegg,      John Kelley,      *James Keady,

John H. Love,      Samuel Luman, Jr.,      J. Lowdermilk,      S. T. Little (lieut.),      W. T. Little,      Theo. Luman (lieut.), Johm Loman,      Joseph Leach,

J. F. McCullough (captain),      James W. Moore,      S. McKnight,      C. N. Madore,      J. W. Mansfield,      George Metz, Mathias McGirr,     Ed. McElfish,      Wm H. Miller,      L. F. Miller,      Henry Mintrop,      W. H. Metz,                     Samuel Manset,      John G. Mellinger,      W. G. Mellinger,     Thomas F. Meyers,      Geo. W. Marvin,     

N. V. Null,      Jas. Noble, 

Charles W. Orris,     

Jos. B. Purcell,      Mark Powell (lieut.),      R. Perry (captain),      J. Petrikin,      S. L. Purnell,      H. V. Porter,             John Pelton,      Bennett Pastor,      Michael Price,      John B. Penrod,      Cyrus W. Poole,

J. W. W. Rizer,      O. D. Robbins (lieut.),      Wm Russell (colored),      J. H. Ridenour,      Jas. Robb,      Martin Rouser, Robert Reid,      T. M. Richards,      Daniel Robinette,      John W. R_ind,      Chas. Robb,      Edward Rice,      Jas. Reid, Charles L. Rizer,      John M. Resley,      James Read,

E. Speck,      C. F. Somerkamp,      Dr. S. P. Smith,      A. Spear (captain),      J. D. Scarlight,      J. M. Shober (lieut.), Adam Scott,      Emanuel Severs,      H. Clay Shuck,      Henry Shriver,      E. D. Smith,      D. J. Shroyer,                 George Stewart,      George W. Speelman,    

Chas. M. Thomas,      Jno. A. Shaw,      Malcolm Sinclair,      D. A. Swigart,      Joseph Shuck,      Jacob C. Sinn,             Chas H. Shuck,      Jacob Sowers,      Oliver Shaw,      Harvey Stallings,     Levi Shaw (lieut.),      Page J. Smith,   

C. M. Thurston (general), Wm. Thurston, D. Scott Thruston.     __lor, (sergt.),       T. H. Troxell,      Talbott Twigg, Andrew S. Twigg,

John W. Utt,

John Valentine,

Geo. W. Wilkinson,      J. H. B. Wilson (colored),      David Williamson,      Jno Weir (captain),      A. V. Williams,               S. R. Walters,      J. W. Wolf,      J. B. Winslow (captain),      George Wigley,      John F. Wolf,      Abraham Wilkes, __Weston,      Peter Wolfe,      Joseph H. Wheat,      Geo. W. Wolf,      Colonel E. H. Welsh,      George W. Webster, John L. Walker, six U. S. soldiers.

German Lutheran Cemetery -

H. J. Beckman,      J. B. Howard,      David Davis,      William Doyney,      Thomas Donnelly,      Anthony Fisher,        George Getz,      M. Himmler,      C. Houser,      J. Himmler,      C. Knieriem,      J. A. McGee,      William McDougal,      Ed. Myers,      E. Merkle,      Alex Moxnel,      C. Mertens?,      J. Oberley,      Morris Sibley,      John Kopp,             Henry W. Harman,      Charles E. Hermann,      Valentine Froelich,      Jacob H. Easter,      Edward A. Schenck,         John Gineman,      Adam Ebert,      Ernest Bath,      Charles Whitman,     John W. Hart,      John Koegel,      John A. Sills, Joseph L. Dickeroff,      James L. Smith,      C. Hoenicka,      Henry Fenga,      George S. Himmelwright,      Anton Spies, Madison Schaffer,      Samuel H. Hodges,      Gustav C. Stucklauser,      *Benjamin R. Valentine.

German Beneficial Society Graveyard -

George Reuschlien[sic Reuschlein],      Peter Ring,      Edward Hadra,     Hohn Zeph,      Andrew Hady,      Jacob Fuchs, Peter Pressman, Daniel Kitzmiller.

Old Lutheran Graveyard -

Hewnry Topp,      Conrad Weibold,      Peter C. Buck,      George Weber,      Davis Enos,      John Weber,                 Wilson G. Enos.

Greenmount Cemetery -

S. Deffenbaugh,      Justice Schaidt,      August Bert,      Thomas Fauver,      Jacob R. Counter,      Otho Norris,    Bolliver S. Rigg (bugler),      George H. Schultz,       Charles D. Reckley,      Isaac D. Smith,      John H. Brant,        George Humbertson,      Jeremian Robertson,      Geo. G. Gephart,      Valentino Fleagle,      James Northcraft,     Francis T. Twigg,      Jacob D. George,      Silas Kifer,      Wm. T.Deetz?,      *John Smith.

Sumner Cemetery -

Pero Mitchell,      R. S. Snowden,      Jos. Gree,      A. Craig,      Hanibal Klunor?,      S. McTerry,      Richard Mayson, William Jackson,      Gross Simpsonm      T. Simpson,      T. Lindsey and  Frank Taylor.

SS. Peter and Paul's Catholic Cemetery -

Arthur Coffield,      Ignatius Dummell,      Isaac W. Foster,      John Homer,      John Miller,      William Orr,             John O'Keefe,      Simeon Pyler,      F. Storer,      Albert Walton,      John Wilson,      Bernard O'Donnell,               Francis Ilien,      Leonart Shuster,      Capt. R. Tulley,      George Rohrman,      Mathias Mauss,      John F. Wempe,    Peter Helbig,      Edward Driskell,      John McDonald,       Frederick T. Kaiser,      Henry Horner.

St. Patrick's Cemetery -

Andrew Cage,      Patrick Daily,     Capt. Paul Dircks,      John Donnelly,      Dr. P. A. Hegley,       A. H. Herbert,      William Hemming,      James T. McIntyre,      Luke Mulligan,       Hughey O'Neil, ____Prendergast,       W. A. Smith,    W. O'Shea,      E. Thompson,      Denton Booth,      Frank Knott,      William H. Dougherty,      Sanford Williams,            Jno. H. Bergman,      Peter Yarnell,      Daniel MacLamar,      John McKenzie,     James McKenzie,       Patrick Mills,   Chas. E. Lewis,      Sylvanus Ruby,      Thomas Nee,      Michael McDonald,      Patrick Broderick,       Israel Reidel, George Malon,      Daniel Bradley,       John Cahill,      *Espy A. L_hman[Lehman?].

Oldtown and vicinity -

William Foley,      Jno. T. Twigg,      D. Dennison,      Loreno D. Boyd,       Henry Crabtree,      Mack Twigg,                 Isaac Springstead,      Lawson Middleton,      Geo. H. Crabtree,       Joseph Nuse,      Jas T. Piper,      Chas McDonald, John Rickenberg,      H. Clay Duvall,       A. J. Hartley,      John Wigfleld?,       Christopher Harsh,       William Jackson, Hohn Hartley,       Ashmarn Soreliz,      John W. Pitman,      James L. Crabtree,      Nimrod H. Little,      M. C. Hartley, Wm. Connelly,       Colonel Michael Cresap,      John D. Ryan,      Francis Darkey,      Joseph Shumate,      Ed. Salor, James Johnson,      Geo. W. Weston,      Jos. Yarder,      Wm,. W. Tetters,       Amos Davis,       Hiram H. Little,     Charles Fisher.

Centre Street M. E. Churchyard - Samuel Shipley,   George W. Wise.

Wilson Graveyard - John Wilson, A. J. Brant.

Centenary Cemetery - W. B. Brant

House Graveyard - Norman Monnett

Bowden Graveyard - John Murray

Mount Savage - Leonard Dean,    Jno F. Orndorf

[?]__atten - R. R. Eyler,    Dennis Yantz,     Steven Turner,     James Hall

Wellersburg - Dennis DeHaven,      W. S. DeHaven

Humbird's Chapel - George Irons,      Lewis C. Smith

Smouse's Mills - Oliver P. Brant,      Lewis C. Smith (also listed in Humbird's Chapel),      Theophilus Beall.

Davis School House - Sam Hamilton

Brick Church - Samuel Zimmerly

Everett - Ely Z. Robinette

Rush, Md. - Sergeant B. H. F. Robertson,      Lawrence Dolan

County Cemetery - James Speelman,      David Martin,      John R. Heck,      *John Drenning

Vale Summit - Captain Thomas Brown and Jonathan Radcliffe

Near Flintstone - James Gordon,       Andrew Dolan,      John Elbin,      John Stuart,     Truman Bowman

Philos Cemetery,Westernport - James Simpson

North Branch - James Williams,      Howard B. Twigg

Bald Hill Cemetery - Hector Robertson

Cresaptown Cemetery - James Johnson,      H. C. Lermon

Paw Paw Cemetery - Thomas J. Parker

About Frostburg -

Col. C. W. Shearer,       George Halfin,      Anthony Gerlach,      James Shaw,      James Taylor,      Conrad Hartman, David Sloan,      Dr. G. E. Porter,      Wm. H. Moore,      Christian Lehr,      Frederick Johnson,      George Kear,     Edward Charles,      Levi Hawthroned,      Capt. John Douglas,      Lewis Sonnenburg,      Conrad Haberlein,            James Shearer,      George S. Brooks,      Jacob Harriman,      Dr. James Kimble,      Chas. Farraday,      H. R. Cowan, Benjamin Ort,      George Hoskin,      Charles Board,      James Logsdon,      Jos. R. Thomas,      Dr. W. J. Piper,     Thomas Hill,      Vincent Raley,      Jos. Houghton,      Newton Dawson,      John Anthony,      Geo. Denmary (colored), Bert Jackson (colored),      Shad Minnocks (colored).

St. Michael's Cemetery, Frostburg -

Thos. Egan,      Wm. Lyons,      Thos. Morris,      Ed. Donahue,      Wm. Cruze,      Patrick Creegan,      Joseph Everline, Frank Thommpson,      P. N. Jenkins,      Martin Kenney,      Robert Hamilton,      Samuel Jack,      James Murphy,    James O'Malley,      Dennis O'Hara,      James Walsh,      Geo. Morris,      Patrick Rafferty.

Eckhart Cemetery -

William Scott,      Alexander Barber,       John Stewart,     Jas. Barber,      David Simpson,      Issac Lewis,            Henry Marshall,      James Close,      Leonard Porter,       John Himmelwright.

German Lutheran Cemetery, Frostburg -

Elias Alexander, Philip Wenk,      Gottlieb Merrbach

Porter's Cemetery, Frostburg -

Jacob Davis,      Joseph Carter,      James McAllister,      Thomas Cross,      James Barchus,      Christian J. Knapp, Henry Crow,      Joseph Andersonm,      George P. Barchus[?Bacchus?],      James Porter,      Samuel Porter,      Geo. E. Porter.

Percy Cemetery, Frostburg -

James Cosgrove,      Alexander Tennant,      Major J. H. Huntley,      Andrew Rankin,      Andrew Barin_,                 Jacob Baker,      William Kroeger,      Alfred Van Lear,      Simeon Kregon,      Enoch Clise,      George W. Tennant,     John Morrison,      George W. Robinson,      John Sloan,      Noah Merrill,      Craddock Thomas,      John Smith,          John Spales,      Samuel Stevens,      J. W. Williams,      James P. Smith,      Benjamin Williams,      

Thomas Williams (colored)."