Immigrant Weinbrenners

This is a large family that needs much more research to determine the connection to the Western Maryland branch.  Johann Christian WEINBRENNER migrated to Washington Co., MD., before the formation of Allegany Co.  Also, Anthony WEINBRENNER is found on the 1790 Census for Washington Co., MD.  Morris WINEBRENNER may have descended from one of these two brothers, though many families did migrate into Allegany Co. from Pennsylvania. With the exception of his listing as an immigrant, in 1752, nothing further has been found on Wolfgang WEINBRENNER.

This page is a brief history of the members who immigrated to America, and settled in Pennsylvania and/or Maryland.

An additional history is presented on the Maryland families. For information on the Maryland branch,  Go to  WINEBRENNER

Information found elsewhere, some disputed:

"Christiana (Catherine) and four of her children* arrived in Philadelphia on September 29, 1753 aboard the ship Snow Rowand.  Her husband Johann died aboard the ship Rowand in route to America (1)** or her husband had presumably died in Germany (2)**, and his name may have been Johann, for each of the three sons had the name Johann preceding his other name. Each dropped the regular use of the name Johann after arrival in America."

Johann Thieß WEINBRENNER made an application to emigrate to America, but apparently died before the family left. Ship's records do not show him boarding, dying on board, or arriving in Pennsylvania.

She had the following children:

Wolfgang Weinbrenner was b. abt. 1729.** (supposed, not proven)

Anthony Weinbrenner was b. abt.1730. ** (supposed, not proven)

*Johann Christian Winebrenner, b. abt.1735 in Baden, Karlsruhe, Germany, d. abt. 17 Nov 1815 [presumptive date from Will probate] Hagerstown, Washington Co, MD

*Johann Peter Weinbrenner, b. 28 Dec 1738 in Baden, Karlsruhe, Germany,  d. 19 Dec 1789 in Hanover, York County, Pennsylvania.   He was buried in Emanuel Reformed Burial Ground, York County, Pennsylvania..

*Johann George Weinbrenner, b. 01 Jun 1742 in Baden, Karlsruhe, Germany,  d.17 Nov 1780 in Hanover, York County, Pennsylviana. He was buried in Emanuel Reformed Church Burial Ground, Hanover, York County, Pennsylvania.

Katrina Weinbrenner,  b.12 Jan 1745, d. abt.1834.

*Anne Gertraut Weinbrenner, b.1752 in Baden, Karlsruhe, Germany, d.1834 in Brothers Valley Twp, Pennsylvania.

*Children accompanying their mother on Snow Rowand.
**Arrived on the Ship Phoenix one year prior, in 1752. No documentation after arrival in the U.S. for Wolfgang. Anthony appears in MD census, one year only. There is nothing to support Anthony or Wolfgang as children.

Johann Christian Winebrenner married Christiana, widow of Jacob Wyand, on 30 Aug 1758 in, York County, Pennsylvania.  Christiana had two children from this marriage, who used the name WEINBRENNER/WINEBRENNER after her marriage to Johann Christian.  She was b.1737, d. abt.1784.  Sometime after 14 January 1772, they left York County Pennsylvania for Maryland.

They had the following children:

John Jacob Winebrenner was born in 1758.

Philip C. Winebrenner was born on 04 Dec 1759. He died on 11 Dec 1841 in Frederick Co., buried in Glade Reform Church cemetery, Walkersville, Frederick Co., MD.

Peter Winebrenner was born about 1763 in or near Hagerstown, Washington County,  Maryland. He died  in 1841 in Frederick County, Maryland.

Christian Winebrenner was born in 1764. He died on 20 Dec 1832.

Anna Catherine Winebrenner was born in 1766.

Johann Peter Winebrenner was born on 09 May 1768.

Sebastian Winebrenner was born in 1769.

Christiana Winebrenner was born about 1781.

He married Ann Maria abt.1785 in Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland.  Ann Maria was born after 1733. She was prevously married and had at least one child, a daughter named Margaret, who is mentioned in her will as her survivor.

Johann Christian and Ann Marie had no children together.

Listed elsewhere as their children are:

Johannes Weinbrenner born on 13 Aug 1787 and died in Oct 1787 in Hagerstown, Washington Co, MD., (a slight possibility the son of Johann Christian and Ann Maria) and Amelia Winebrenner, born on 22 Sep 1814. She died on 12 Jul 1860. There are records of the baptisms/christenings in Washington Co., with father noted as Christian, perhaps the son of Johann Christian. Johann Christian and Ann Maria would have both been near 80 years old at the time of Amelia's birth, making it highly unlikely they are her parents. Census records for the period (1800-1810) indicate only two adults, one male and one female in the household. Very doubtful they are the parents. Most likely they were Godparents/Sponsors.

Johann Peter Weinbrenner married Anna Barbara Gross, widow of Andras Gross, on 29 Mar 1760 in York County, Pennsylvania. Nine Gross children are referred to. In the will of  Peter Winebrenner, we learn the wife's name was Barbara, the will also mentions 'daughter Justine who intermarried with Daniel Glebsatle'.

Johann Peter and Anna Barbara had the following children:

Anna Justine Barbara Weinbrenner was born on 22 Jul 1761.

Johann George Weinbrenner  married Anna Catherina Buecher (Burchert), the daughter of Paul Burchert (Burget) and Anna Eva Swope Burchert on 14 Mar 1765 in Lutheran Church, Dover Twp, York County, Pennsylvania. she was b. abt.1744 in Hanover, York Co, PA.

They had the following children:

Johann George Weinbrenner b. 01 Jun 1766 in Hanover, York County, Pennsylvania. He died as a infant in Hanover, York County, Pennsylvania. He was buried in Hanover, York County, Pennsylvania.

Peter Winebrenner was born on 15 Sep 1768. He died on 26 Jun 1837.

Henry Winebrenner was born in 1769.

Catherine Elizabeth Winebrenner was born in 1773.

Johann George Winebrenner was born on 01 Aug 1776. He died on 15 Aug 1840.

John Adam Winebrenner was born on 13 Mar 1779. He died on 01 Sep 1784.

Johann George Winebrenner married Sarah Patterson about 1808 in Pennsylvania. she was b. abt.1795,  d. 06 Feb 1825 in Hanover, York County, Pennsylvania.

They had the following children:

Polly Winebrenner was born about 1809. She died.

William Winebrenner was born about 1810.

Henry Winebrenner was born about 1812.

Maria Ann Winebrenner was born on 06 Mar 1814.

Sarah Ann Winebrenner was born about 1816.

Susanna Winebrenner was born on 18 Sep 1818.

Harriet Winebrenner was born on 28 Sep 1823. She died on 08 May 1901.

Mary Winebrenner was born about 1825. 


Other marriages:

Schmitt, Margaret.  It is said that Johann George had two children with Margaret Schmitt but not confirmed.

Eva Ann Cowenhaver b. abt.1789 in Frederick County, Maryland d.15 Jan 1868. She married Johann George Winebrenner about 1831 in Maryland.

They had the following children:

Elizabeth Winebrenner was born about 1830.

Edward Jacob Winebrenner b.12 Jul 1832 d. 27 Feb 1911.



Descendants of Johann Thieß WEINBRENNER

1-Johann Thieß WEINBRENNER b. 1711, Langenbach, Westerwald, Germany, d. Bef 29 Sep 1753, Germany

     +Elsa Catharina UNKNOWN b. 1715, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany, m. 26 Jul 1735, Westerwald, Germany, d. Abt 20 Sep 1755, York Co., PA

2- unproven ~ Anthony WEINBRENNER b. Abt 1734, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany, d. Unknown

2- unproven ~ Wolfgang WEINBRENNER b. 1735, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany, d. Unknown

2-Johann Christian WINEBRENNER b. 10 Jul 1735, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany, d. 17 Nov 1815, Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD.

    +Christiana WYAND b. York Co., PA, m. 30 Aug 1758, York Co., PA, d. Abt May 1784, Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD.

   3-John Jacob WINEBRENNER b. 1758, bap. Nov 1758, York Co., PA, d. Unknown

   3-Phillip WINEBRENNER b. Dec 1759, York Co., PA, bap. Mar 1761, York Co., PA.; d. 11 Dec 1841, Walkersville, Frederick Co. MD.;

   buried in Glade Reformed Church Cemetery, Walkersville, Frederick Co., MD.

     +Eve BARRICK d. 1837   Walkersville, Frederick Co. MD.; buried in Glade Reformed Church Cemetery, Walkersville, Frederick Co., MD.

                 4. Jacob Winebrenner

          4. John Winebrenner (Rev. John who started the Church of God)

          4. Christian

   3-Christian WINEBRENNER b. 1764, York Co., PA, d. 1832

    +Mary ADAMS b. Unknown, d. Unknown

        4-Peter WINEBRENNER b. 6 Mar 1799, Maryland, d. 7 Apr 1858

                   +Mary COHO b. 1796, Pennsylvania, m. 6 Dec 1796, Bedford Co. PA, d. Unknown

   3-Johann Peter WINEBRENNER b. 1768, York Co., PA, bap. May 1769, York Co., PA

   3-Sebastian WINEBRENNER b. 1769, York Co., PA


          4-David S. WINEBRENNER b. 1795, d. Unknown

          4-Mary WINEBRENNER b. 1797

             +DAUSH/DARUSH b. 1792, m. 1815, d. Unknown

         4-Christian WINEBRENNER b. 1801


   3-Anna Catharina WINEBRENNER b. 1766, bap. Mar 1766, Quickel's (Zion) Lutheran And Reformed Church, York Co., PA.,d. Unknown

          +John SNYDER b. Unknown, m. Abt 1788, Pennsylvania, d. Unknown

   3-Christiana WINEBRENNER b. 1771, York Co., PA

         +Matthias BARNHISER b. 1778, m. Abt 1800, Maryland, d. Unknown

   3-William WEINBRENNER d. Unknown

   3-Peter WEINBRENNER b. 1763, York Co., PA, d. Abt 1841, Frederick Co., MD

         +Catherine SNYDER m. 18 Mar 1794, Frederick Co., MD, d. Unknown

  +(2nd marriage of Johann Christian) Anna Marie UNKNOWN b. After 1733, Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD.,

    m. Abt 1785, Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD.,d. Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD.

2-Johann Peter WINEBRENNER b. 28 Dec 1738, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany, d. 19 Dec 1789, York Co., PA, bur. Emanuel Reformed Church, Hanover, York Co., PA.

   +Anna Barbara UNKNOWN b. Abt 1730, m. 29 Mar 1760, York Co., PA, d. After 19 Dec 1789, York Co., PA

   3-Anna Justine Barbara WEINBRENNER b. 22 Jul 1761, York Co., PA, bap. 16 Aug 1761, Christ Evangelical Church, YorkCo. PA, d. After 23 Dec 1789

    +Daniel GLABSATLE d. After 23 Dec 1789

2-Johann Görge WINEBRENNER b. 1 Jun 1742, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany, d. 17 Nov 1780, York Co., PA, bur. EmanuelReformed Church, Hanover, York Co., PA

  +Anna Catharine BURCHERT OR BURGET b. 1744, Hanover Twp, York Co. PA, m. 14 Mar 1765, Dover, York Co., PA, d. 4 May 1791, York Co., PA,

     par. Paul BURCHERT OR BURGET and Anna Eva SWOPE

  3-Johann Görge Jr WEINBRENNER b. 1 Jun 1766, Hanover Twp, York Co. PA, d. Hanover Twp, York Co. PA

  3-Peter WEINBRENNER b. 15 Sep 1768, Hanover Twp, York Co. PA, d. 26 Jun 1837

  3-Henry WEINBRENNER b. 1769, Hanover Twp, York Co. PA, d. Unknown

  3-Catherine Elizabeth WEINBRENNER b. 1773, York Co., PA, d. Unknown

   3-Johann George WEINBRENNER b. 2 Aug 1776, Hanover Twp, York Co. PA, bap. 1 Sep 1776, Emanuel Reformed Church,Hanover, York Co., PA, d. 15 Aug 1840, Hanover Twp, York Co. PA, bur. Emanuel Reformed Church Burying GroundYork Co. PA

    +Sarah PATTERSON b. Abt 1790, m. Abt 1808, PA., d. 6 Feb 1825, Hanover Twp, York Co. PA, bur. 8 Feb 1825, HanoverTwp, York Co. PA

     4-Margaret (Polly) WEINBRENNER b. Abt 1809, d. Unknown, York Co., PA

           +Joseph STRASBACH m. 19 Oct 1830, First Trinity Reformed Church, York Co. PA, d. Unknown

        4-William WEINBRENNER b. 9 May 1798, York Co., PA, d. 1866

            4-Henry WEINBRENNER b. 18 Apr 1802, York Co., PA, d. 24 Nov 1804, York Co., PA, bur. Emanuel Reformed Church Burying Ground York Co. PA

       4-Maria Ann WEINBRENNER b. 6 Mar 1814, York Co., PA, bap. 15 Mar 1814, Emanuel Reformed Church, Hanover,York Co., PA, d. Unknown

           4-Sarah Ann WEINBRENNER b. 1816, d. Unknown

         +Samuel WINTERODE b. Cir 1797, Pennsylvania, d. Unknown

      4-Susanna WEINBRENNER b. 18 Sep 1818, bap. 19 Mar 1820, Emanuel Reformed Church, Hanover, York Co., PA, d. Unknown

         4-Harriet WEINBRENNER b. 28 Sep 1823, d. 8 May 1901

     4-Elizabeth WINEBRENNER b. Abt 1815, Pennsylvania, d. Unknown

            +John TRONE b. 1810, York Co., PA, d. Unknown

    4-Mary WEINBRENNER b. Abt 1825, York Co., PA, d. Unknown

          +Margaretha Rebecca SCHMITT b. 13 Oct 1775, York Co., PA, m. 11 Jun 1797, First Reformed Church, Hanover, York Co.PA, d. 27 Oct 1807, York Co., PA

    4-Lydia WEINBRENNER b. 1799, York Co., PA, d. Unknown

    4-Catherine WEINBRENNER b. Between 1800 and 1810, York Co., PA, d. Unknown

  +Eva Ann COWENHAVER b. Abt 1789, Frederick Co., MD, m. Abt 1831, Maryland, d. 15 Jan 1868

    4-Edward Jacob WINEBRENNER b. 12 Jul 1832, d. 27 Feb 1911

         +Mary DANNER m. 12 Nov 1829, York Co., PA, d. Unknown

  3-Johan Adam WEINBRENNER b. 13 Mar 1779, bap. 9 May 1779, York Co., PA, d. 1 Sep 1784, York Co., PA

2-Katrina WEINBRENNER b. 12 Jan 1745, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany, d. Abt 1834

2-Anna Gertraut WEINBRENNER b. 1752, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany, d. 1834, Brothers Valley Twp, PA

  +Jacob GIBLER




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