Early Marriage Licenses of ALLEGANY County


From: The History of Western Maryland, Vol. II, By Scharf ~ 1882
"The following is a list of marriage licenses up to 1800, granted under the act of Assembly entitled An Act Concerning Marriages:


Aug. 1 Godfrey RICHARDS, Jr.,  to  Temple KNIGHT
Aug. 26 Robert GREEN  to  Barbara CHAMBERS
Sept. 14 George Jordan  to  Elizabeth TETRIX
Sept. 22 John GLANNER  to  Mary SNEDIKER
Oct. 28 John HAGERMAN  to  Eleanor GORMAN
Nov. 14 Jacob STEVER  to  Mary BONHAM


April 4 Jonathan COX  to  Susanna BAILLIE
April 24 David BEALL  to  Mary DAVIS
May 21 Elias STILLWELL  to  Catharine MORGAN
Aug. 13 George PAYNE  to  Mary SAPP
Sept. 27 Benjamin MORRIS  to  Rebecca SIMPKINS
Oct. 23 Richard MOORE  to  Sarah MOORE
Nov. 6 Peter McKEAN  to  Anna HULL


May 9 Benjamin DURBIN  to  Liddy LONGE
May 29 Jesse RENO  to  Prudence RANDOLPH
(?) 29  Samuel JAMES  to  Frances RANDOLPH
June 24  Charles F. BRODBAG  to  Elizabeth ALEXANDER
July 16 Caleb GODWIN  to  Mary McMINN
Aug. 20 Samuel BECKWITH  to  Susanna DURBIN
Nov. 3 Richard TOMLINSON  to  Phoebe SLIFF
Nov. 20 John KNIGHT  to  Nancy DAVIS
Dec. 18 Nehemiah BARNETT  to  Winey CAMMINES

Feb. 6 Asa BEALL  to  Elizabeth BEALL
Feb 6 Peter ISEMINGER  to  Rebecca HENDERSON
May 24 John COLEMAN  to  Margaret SAVAGE
July 12 Michael FISHER  to  Margaret SAVAGE
July 16 Jacob NAGLE  to  Mary SELBY
Aug. 20 Henry BOYLES  to  Rebecca BARCUS
Sept. 6 Ezekiel CHANEY  to  Polly JAMES
Sept. 11 Daniel LOVETT  to  Polly JAMES
Dec. 13 William STEPHENS  to  Ann PIGMAN
Dec. 30 Aquila A. BROWN  to  Sarah CRESAP


April 21 Thomas CHANEY  to  Susanna STOCKWELL
April 23 Alexander GRIMES  to  Eleanor PEAREL
June 1 John SHRYER  to  Christiana LETTER
Aug. 8 John CLARKE  to  Abiel SHEPHERD
Oct. 12 John COMPTON  to  Rebecca CLARKE
Oct. 31 John EVANS  to  Johanna FITZGERALD
Oct. 31 Ralph LOGSDEN  to  Margaret ARNOLD
Sept. 2 Daniel Loge ELLISON  to  Ann LOGSDEN
Dec. 5 Josiah BEALL, of T.,  to  Ann PULLEN
Dec. 31 William McMAHON  to  Sally Van LEAR


Jan. 2 Thomas PRITCHARD to Nancy TITCHENAL
Feb. 2 John McCOLM to Sarah SMITH
Feb. 13 Samuel SELBY to Jane THISTLE
Feb. 26 Joshua TITCHENAL to Elsea BEVINS
Mar. 2 Gavin WOODFIELD to Peggy BRAWALT
Mar. 7 Cornelius YOUNG to Catharine SISLER
Mar. 17 Robert SINCLAIR to Ann CROMWELL
April 7 Robert ARMSTRONG to Elizabeth CRESAP
April 16 James WHITE to Elizabeth EPING
April 28 John KIMBERLY to Elizabeth TOMLINSON
May 2 Stephen DEAKINS to Elizabeth FRELAND
May 14 Nicholas COONCE to Rebecca DANFORD
May 26 William W. HOGE to Eleanor SLICER
June 11 John D. LUCAS to Jane BENICK
July 7 John HOUSE  to  Ann HARLEWOD
July 19 Jeremiah HELLEY  to  Mary CADEY
Aug. 11 John MATTINGLEY  to  Onea ARNOLD
Oct. 1 Daniel SAPP  to  Mary ROBISON
Oct. 5 Hugh GRAHAM  to  Sarah LAPPINS (?)
Oct. 18 Bogue PELLEM  to  Sarah CLARKE
Nov. 5 Patrick CONNER  to  Polly LANNAM
Nov. 9 William CRAIK  to  Hannah HALL
Nov. 21 Thomas PORTER  to  Mary LOGSDEN
Nov. 28 Daniel CRESAP, Sr.,  to  Elizabeth DAWSON
Nov. 29 Edward RICHARDSON  to  Hannah DURBIN
Dec. 9 John BARE  to  Sarah PILES
Dec. 17 Bennet LOGSDEN  to  Abigail LEWIS
Dec. 18 Moses BARCUS  to  Nancy THOMPSON
Dec. 24 Thomas SELBY, Sr.,  to  Ann HARLEWOOD


Jan. 8 Edmund CRAWFORD  to  May POOLE
Feb. 10 Zachariah MAGRUDER  to  Ann DAWSON
Feb. 14 William MICHAEL  to  Rachel BRIAN
Feb. 26 David DUTTRO  to  Mary CRICKBAUM
Feb. 26 Nathaniel PRICE  to  Mary EBLIN
Mar, 4 William KEY  to  Sally DEAKINS
Mar. 25 Charles W. SELBY  to  Elizabeth SELBY
April 26 Alexander BAILLIE  to  Mary DOYLE
April 28 George BLUHN  to  Rosanna ESSING
May 5 Daniel CRESAP, Sr.,  to  Hannah LONGSHORE
May 10 Gabriel M. PORTER  to  Rebecca FROST
May 23 Nath. B. MAGRUDER  to  Mary BEAVINS
May 23 Walter A. MURDOCH  to  Sary BEAVINS
June 3 George BARNES  to  Catharine EIGLER
June 8 John DEAKINS  to  Margaret JAMES
June 10 Robert BOYD  to  Mary ECKHARD
June 22 William LOGSDEN  to  Susanna WILLIAMS
June 23 George SAPP  to  Catharine ARNOLD
Aug. 8 John LINDY  to  Elizabeth CATCHALL
Sept. 27 William RUTHERFORD  to  Elizabeth HARPER
Nov. 25 Peter CRICKBAUM  to  Mary McBRIDE

Jan. 18 John SMITH  to  Mary PRITCHARDS
Feb, 14 Benjamin FOSTER  to  Catharine PRATHER
Feb. 19 Conrad NEFF  to  Susanna CREIGHTBAUM
March 6 George FOUTY  to  Eve SAPP
April 11 John MITCHELL  to  Susanna M. JACOBS
June 21 John TAYLOR  to  Hanna CASAD
June 21 Samuel SEMPLE  to  Martha IDLEY
Oct. 12 William RENICK  to  Elizabeth WATTON
Oct. 17 John JAMES  to  Liddy HAYS
Dec. 3 Adam GRACE  to  Barshaba HINKLE
Dec, 31 Angus McDONALD  to  Anne DOYLE


Jan. 1 Thomas CROMWELL  to  Ann SLICER
Jan. 14 Thomas CAIWELL  to  Margaret DAVIDSON
March 7 John McCLERY  to  Sarah HENDRICKSON
March 20 John GILMORE  to  Anne PRICE
March 30 John PATTERSON  to  Elizabeth WIRE
April 18 William WINEBRENNER  to  Alice SMITH
May 23 William McLOUGHLIN  to  Lina FRENCH
June 4 Martin RIZER  to  Rosina GREPHART
June 6 Joseph SHEPHERD  to  Rebecca McDOUGAL
June 20 John SCOTT  to  Ann HILLEARY
Sept. 15 Dennis MADDON  to  Mary CANNING
Nov. 11 John LOGSDEN, of Wm., to  Patience ARNOLD
Nov. 14 Jacob HOFFMAN  to  Margaret STECK
Nov. 16 Andrew POLSTON  to  Susanna McCABE
Nov. 23 Abraham RHODES  to  Mary NEWMYER
Dec. 21 John C. BEATTY  to  Ann BEALL
Dec. 21 William OSBORN  to  Christiana STONECSR
Dec. 23 Valentine SHOCKEY  to  Elizabeth CLIMER


Jan. 29 David SMITH  to  Elizabeth McCOLLUM
Jan. 30 Jacob SHOWAKER  to  Catharine WOODRING
Feb. 6 Joseph McDONALD  to  Sinah DEW
Feb. 12 John DURBIN  to  Sarah CLIFFORD
Feb. 21 Daniel JOHNSTON  to  Sarah DANISON
March 5 William STIDGER  to  Sophia DAVIS
March 8 John GRAHAM  to  Elizabeth BRENT
June 2 Frederick METZ  to  Christina KEELAN
July 26 William BERRY  to  Kesiah EBLING
Aug. 27 Peter COUSE  to  Polly LANGSHIRE
Sept. 11 Joseph CRAWFORD  to  Mary PLAND
(?)  (?)  William STEHPHENS  to  Ann PIGMAN
Oct. 2 Nottey BARNETT (Notley BARNARD)  to  Elsie RAGAN
Oct. 2 Mahlon LONGSHORE  to  Sally RAGAN
Oct. 2 William NAYLOR  to  Nancy SANFORD
Nov. 3 Frederick YOUNG  to  Eliza WALL
Nov. 8 Davis MEREDITH  to  Ann PRITCHARD
Nov. 15 Scott ROBINSON  to  Ann MOORE
Nov. 17 John WILLIAMS  to  Phoebe SMITH
Nov. 24 William MOORE  to  Margaret ROBINETT
Nov. 24 John PARKET  to  Elizabeth NEPTON
Nov. 27 James BAILEY to Polly FETTER
Nov. 27 Amos ROBINETTE  to  Darky WILLSON




Marriage Licenses

MARRIAGES 02 Mar 1876
Marriage licences issued for the month ending Feb 28, 1876, by Theodore Luman, Clerk of Court of Allegany County MD:

William Cruley and Elizabethe Miller;
John Harris and Sophie Grove;
William H Hamilton and Emma Zimmerly;
Chas Jordan and Jennie Shepherd;
R H Jeffries and Amanda F Leasure;
Henry Kasekamp and Ruthie Twigg;
A Kinsie King and Lucy Everett;
H A Kirchoff and Rebecca Brashears;
John H Mohler and Olive Dicken;
Digory Noel and Mary Sammons;
Christian Roeder and Katy Schultz;
James Tippin and Ann Morgan;
Samuel L Twigg and Emelia L Shryrock;
John T Turner and Fannie O Unglesbee.

Excerpts from The Cumberland Times; 02 March 1876
Transcribed by Charles Often
Posted February 26, 2011

February 16, 1887
George J. McKenzie, Brady's, Allegany Co., Md., son of Daniel and Sarah McKenzie, and Margaret Magdalene Hershberger, Garrett Co., Md., daughter of Elijah Hershberger and Minerva Shuck. Witnesses: Lucy Hershberger and Joseph McKenzie. Rev. E. C. Windber, St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Cumberland, Md.
(Courtesy of Sheryl Kelso)
Posted June 18, 2013



June 29, 1899
Olin Robinson and Nancy C. McKenzie

(Courtesy of Sheryl Kelso)
Posted June 18, 2013


March 23, 1918, at Cumberland, Md., by Rev. Joseph Dawson, pastor of Centre Street Methodist Church
William Wallace Wilson, 20, of Oakland, Md., paper maker, and Gladys McKenzie, 17, Westernport, Md., maid

(Courtesy of Sheryl Kelso)

Posted June 18, 2013

Charles Winebrenner/Minnie Julia Wolfe, July 27, 1896, Frostburg
James Wilson/Annie Crowe, September 17, 1896, Garrett Co. (but for some reason it appeared in the Alleg. Co. registry?)
William Wilson/Amelia Ramhoff, February 16, 1897, Cumberland
John Winebrenner/Minnie Sweene, May 14, 1899

(Courtesy of Sheryl Kelso)
Posted October 27, 2012




Cyrus Copper & Kate Elizabeth Savin
The Baltimore Sun, October 26 1898



Charles M. Watt and Delia Bowser, both of Windber. Pa.
Cumberland Evening Times, July 7, 1906


William McGowan and Anna Florence Margarette Montgomery, both of Midland, Md.
Evening Times; Cumberland, Allegany Co, Md., Friday, August 30, 1907 - pg 5, col 2
(Courtesy of Pat Dailey)
Posted December 31, 2011


Joseph Clevis and Zella Q. Bowser, both of Saxton, Pa.
Cumberland Evening Times, Thursday, April 29, 1909




Crowe, Roy E. and Clara Wolfe
February 26, 1912
(Courtesy of Byron Schulten)


Cumberland Evening Times, June 12, 1919
(Courtesy of Pat Thompson)
Posted August 22, 2009

Clyde Edward Bowser, 26, minter and Mary Jane Riley, 20, both of Meyersdale, PA.

Joseph DeLucas, 21, coal miner and Margaret Russell Huntsman, 18, both of Maynard, OH

Oliver Wilso Diehl, 44, blacksmith and Annie Matthey Somerville Rephorn, 21, divorced, both of Cumberland.

Charles Edward Cook, 21, car repairer, Cumberland and Agnes Henley, 18, East Brady, PA.

Carl Edgar Johnson, 21 draughtsman, Swissvale, PA and Marietta Marie Gultridge, 21, Rankin, PA

Edwin Arnold Johnson, 28, laborer, and Mary Bierer, divorced, 35, both of Uniontown, PA

James Weir Kirk, 29, accountant and Pauline Margaret Miller, 23, both of Cumberland. Percia E. Miller was the applicant.

Samuel Kline, 60, car repairer, and Mary Metz, 56, both of Cumberland.

John E. Miller, 21, steam shovelman, and Baltine G. Arego, 18, Point Marion, PA.

Ernest Leroy Overly, 22, machinist, and Susan Mabel Shaffer, 20, Texburg, PA.

John Dedrick Pape, 23, miner, and Eleanor Louise Niser, 21, both of Eckhart Mines.

John Arthur Retallie, 23, miner, Midland, and Edith Guthrie Mackie (could be Mackle), 23, Lonaconing.

Gilbert Edwin Turner, 24, minister, Cumberland and Mae Beauregard Williams, 25, Westminster, MD.



Marriage License for Hazel Olive GRADY and Henry Stewart WINEBRENNER, Sept. 1919, Allegany Co.


Thurs. April 29, 1920

Cumberland Evening Times

George Gold Kearnes, 25, and Bessie May Williams, 18, both of Monongahela City, Pa.

Daniel Lee Steele, 24, railroader, and Myrtle Ruth Deerium, 24, both of Cumberland, Md.

John Houston Dinning, 44, miner, and Rebecca S. Todd, 34, both of Lonaconing, Md.

Marshall Floyd Amick, 24, brakeman, Everett, Pa., and Eva Pearl Lowery, 22, Ellerslie, Md.

Joseph Matthew Bailer, 27, laborer, and Anna Eliabeth Geary, 21, both of Mt. Savage, Md.

James Ross Twigg, 23, rubber worker, Akron, Ohio, and Lulu Victoria Spencer, 21, Pinto, Md.

John Ward Leister, 21, machinist and Laura Violet Glenn, 19, both of Kittanning, Pa.

Samuel Jones, 22, miner, and Della Rose Callaghan, 18, both of Nantiglo, Pa.

George August Cook, 21, fireman, Uniontown, Pa., and Elizabeth Mary Morgan, 21, Fairchance, Pa.

Angus Kitzmiller, 24, farmer, and Mrs. Cora Virginia Green, 26, both of Elk Garden, W. Va.

Benjamin Jacob Leydig, 28, farmer, and Mabel Venesa Dickorhoof, 21, both of Hyndman, Pa.







                                                                                                                     July 6, 1920



June 29, 1926

July 22, 1926
Cumberland Evening Times

Manuel Diaz and Anita Leon, both of Luke, Md.

Carl Edward Ward and Mary Roslia Gillmer, both of Cumberland.

Elmer Milton Burns and Margurite Jenkins, both of Stanley, Va.

Raymond Alvin Brode, of Frostburg and Josephine E. Lawrie, Eckhart, Md.

Chester Barnch McClain, Youngstown, Ohio, and Marion Margaret Miskeli, Canfield, Ohio.

Lorain Audley Wagner, Houtzdale, Pa., and Helen Mary Rodger, Philippsburg, Pa.

Samuel Winebrenner, Frostburg, Md., and Hazel Leona Blocher, Midlothian, Md.

James Francis Cole, Leisenring, Pa., and Silian Mae Bradley, S. Connellsville, Pa.

Wilard Edward Biddle, and Mildred Elizabeth Haregsin, both of Brownsville, Pa. 


Sept 8, 1937
Cumberland Evening Times

Farley? Victor Bodkin, 21, Helen Elizabeth Grant, Cresaptown, Md.

Charles Clyde Clark, 28, Mary Luteman Shircliff, 26, Cumberland, Md.

Sherman D. Stevansus, 38, Della Florence robey, 41, Garrett, Pa.

Frank Ernest Reinhat, 36, Nearice Pond, 33, Cumberland, Md.

Henry Allen Brumage, 25, Westernport, Md., Gladys May Stewart, 19, Keyser, W. Va.

Cyrus Reus Brandenburg, 31, Geneva, Charlotte Myers, 18, Hagerstown, Md.

Elmer Bowen Ravenscraft, 23, Sarah Elizabeth Shockey, 22, Lonaconing, Md.

Howard Melvin Winebrenner, 22, Mary Isabel Gomer, 18, Frostburg, Md.

George Edward Speis, 20, Goldie Regina Twigg, 17, Cumberland, Md.

Ernest Jesse Schaefer, 25, Berkley Springs, W. Va., Lora Koener, 16, Cowansville, Pa.

Harold Melvin Lancaster, 21, Janis Louise George, 18, Cumberland, Md.

William Reed Dyer, 35, Mary Elizabeth Freeman, 25, Cumberland, Md.

Clinton Cutter, 34, Lonaconing, Md., Belle M. Llewellyn, 19, Midland, Md.

Clarence Lahew, 30, Marjorie Wolfe, 23, Belle Vernon, Pa.

Lester Newman, 23,, Edenborn, Pa., Jean Elinor Lisowitz, 18, Uniontown, Pa.

Henry Othel Maurer, 53, Julia Elizabeth Hain, 45, Wooster, O.

Stanley William Mosliesky, 27, Ann ???ie Soman, 21, Cleveland.

Paul Townsend, 24, Frances Rickabaugh, 20, Pittsburgh.

Joseph Albert Janeczek, 28, Norma Mae Lambert, 18, Boswell, Pa.

Louis Pete Zolczer, 21, Alice Virginia Steans, 19, McKeesport, Pa.

John Robert Billheimer, 25?, Smithten, Pa., Doris Pearl Hough, 19, Alverton, Pa.

Frederick A. Wheeler, 21, Edith Elsie Marks, 18, Lilly, Pa.

Tony DeBlasio, 22, Lawrence, Pa., Lillian Louise Rodgers, 19, Canonsburg, Pa.

John Joseph Malovich, 23, Claysburg, Pa., Olive Naomi Knisley, 20, Queen, Pa.

Melvin Earl Hays, 21, Mildred Lucile Dunlap, 18, Chicora, Pa.

Ollie Wright, 39, Monaca, Pa., Grace Charlotte Cross, 41, Great Cacapon, W. Va.

David Ealor Stonerook, 21, Martinsburg, Pa., Frances Ellen Weitzel, 19, Roaring Spring, Pa.

Carl Devin, 29, Elizabeth Munson, 21, Swissvale, Pa.

Frank J. Palumbo, 23, Gertrude Carol Fetter, 19, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Donald Arthur Long, 21, Elizabeth Agnes Burkey, 18, Twin Oaks,Pa.

James H. Rinehart, 21, Juanita, Pa., Rose Guntzwiler, 18, Altoona, Pa.

Forest Braken, 23, Johnstown, Pa., A?? Jean Boring, 18, New Florence, ??

George Peters, 37, Alta Webber 26, Alvy, W. Va.

Edward Paul McFeaters, 31, Armagh, Pa., Gladys McCullough, 24, Nanty Glo, Pa.

Bernard Buck, 24, Florence Apple, 21, Cleveland, O.

Oscar Cohen, 39, Mathilda Levitt, 27, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Charles Anders, 22, Katherine Stewart, 21, Johnstown, Pa.

Charles Calvin Dean, 26, Carlton, Pa., Mabel Estell King, 26, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Russel H. Gardner, 21, Uniontown, Pa., Sara Grace Whipkey, 19, Connellsville, Pa.

Harry Frederick Alter, 42, Clara May Armstrong, 45, Pittsburgh.

Wade Hoard Anders, 35, Sarah Elizabeth Jones, 38, Baltimore, Md.

Charles Edward Tigney, 61?, Dora Jackson, 56, Johnstown, Pa.

Paul Edward Good, 34, Mona Jean Daugherty, 20, Vandegrift, Pa.

James Albert Miller, 35, New Castle, Pa., Cecil May Bowser, 23, Butler, Pa.

Frances K. McWilliams, 27, Irwin, Pa., Gladys Fundis, 25, Trafford, Pa.

John Lynn Meahcam, 23, Coraopolis, Pa., Anna Emily Fielding, 21, Ingomar, Pa.

Thomas Lero Sherwin, 21, Karns City, Pa., Helen Marie McCullough, 16? 18?, Chicora, Pa.

Frank Sephanick, 23, Stella Hyla, 23, McKeesport, Pa.

Chester Arthur Hoffer, 26, Detroit, Mich., Madelon L. Miller, 23, Napoleon, Pa.



Cumberland Evening Times October 19,

John P. Eicher, 30, Greensburg, Pa., Ruin Elizabeth McMahen, 25. Latrobe, Pa.

Lotus O. Collins, 46, Olive MacBarkley, 26, Harman, W. Va.

Harry Graham Murphy, 24, Elizabeth M. Brown, 21, Ford City, Pa..

Mike Martin. 22. Ruth E. Lower, 18, Wllllamsburg, Pa.

Albert O. Strecti, 45. McKees Rocks, Pa., Anna Fenio, 31, Clinton, Ind.

Robert W. Steele, 29, Mildred M. Goldman, 31, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Lon G. Badger, 23, Alexandria.Va., Nina C. Griffith, 20, Culpepper, Va.

Ronald L. Menham, 23, Mary E, Priestly, 20, Turtle Creek, Pa.

Edward M. Miller, 21. Dorothy M . Dean, 18, Mansfield, O.

William A. Stilts, 22, Madera, Pa., Vivian C. Tate, I8, Clearfield, Pa.

Roy I. Kirchner, 22, Dunlo, Pa., Ruth E. Wilkes, 19, Cumberland.

George W. Anderson, 21, Marie J. Berger, 21, Pittsburgh.

Raymond S. Grimes, 29, Diana Wilson, 31, Daisytown, Pa.

Clair W. Davis, 25, Washington, D. C., Ruth Elizabeth Caesar, 21, New Kensington, Pa.

Donald William Day, 27, Karns City, Pa.. Esther C Emerick, 20, Potrolla, Pa.

Paul M. Reiland, 24. Helen E. Zoretich, 20, Monessen, Pa.

Joseph Flint, 22, Marjorie J. Brenton, 21, West Brownsville, Pa.

Mahlon W. Pritts, 22, Brownsville, Pa., Charlotte L. Forsyther, 21, West Brownsville, Pa.

Thurman Lee Bennett, 21, Gale Miller, 19, Friendly, W. Va.

Ralph Kirchner, 52 (?), Mary L. Kerchner, 37, East Liverpool, O.





                                                  August 26, 1940                                                                


June 20, 1941



Koelker ~ Porter
John Edward Koelker and Eleanor Marguerite Porter, both of Cumberland 
June 24, 1941



Cumberland Evening Times; 5 March 1943

William Anderson Smith, Lonaconing , Ella Elizabeth Valentine, Cumberland.

Joseph Harding Diehl and ??Mae Teets, Cumberland.

Melvin Kermit James, Midland, Norma Jean Wilkes, Barton.

Anthony Raymond and Isabel Rommel, Baltimore.

Donald Frederick Poor, Lonaconing, Iona Catherine Loar, Midland

Charles Henry Trimming, Cumberland, Lulu Lee Welter, Buffalo, N. Y.

James Henry Brinkman and ??Jane Sperry, Frostburg.

Jack Lynn Carnell and Vivian Arlene Murray, Cumberland.

Clark Richard Horning, Meyersdale, Pa., Margaret Brady, Cumberland.

Marshall Irvin Sites, Cumberland, Nina Gertrude Mumaw, Keyser, W. Va.

Harry Kenneth Logue and Agnes Alfreda Donahoe, Flintstone.

James Richard Turner and Laura Rosalie Durst, Avilton

Wayne Alexander Raupach and Vera June Meyers, Meyersdale Pa.




Rudolph Cleo Cox and Evelyn Marie Hayes, Keyser, W. Va.
Tuesday, 28 November 1944; Cumberland Evening Times
Posted November 23, 2011


March 1, 1945

Irvin Richard Francis, Rockwood, Pa., and Eleanor Ruby Conner, Connellsville, Pa.

Ira Henry Brant, Sometset, Pa., and Margaret Lois Henninger, Boswell, Pa.

William Snoded Alt, Pansy, W. Va., and Dixie Blanche Real, Dorcas, W. Va.

Kermit Estel Mowerey, Upper Tract, W. Va., and Phyllis Jean Roby, Petersburg, W. Va.

Rexford Harold Brooks and Norma Louise Bever, Westernport.

George William Ross and Patricia Jean Forenian, Saxton, Pa.

Herbert Garfield Stevey, Cumberland, and Goldie Ruth Crider, Route 4, Cumberland.

Carl Vincent McCall, Remersburg, Pa., and Carolyn Joline Dunlap, Frostburg.

Francis Joseph Powell, Bradford, Pa., and Lucille Bessie Nordstrom, Grove City, Pa.

William Charles Stahl and Mary Jan O'Connor, Altoona.



Marriage License Issued at Oakland
Cumberland Evening Times 10-24-48

Milford Ellis Shrout, 49, painter, and Sadie Faunce, 36, beautician, both Tiuisville. Pa.

Joseph Bonner McArdle. 31. Morgantown,W. Va.. and Mary Arnette Taylor, 36. Andalusia, Ala.

John Bernard Townsend, 21. electrician, Bayard, W. Va., and Armeda Maria Wilkins, 30. Germania, W. Va.

Ernest Hay Hovatter, 32, engineer, and Mildred Grace Kinter 26, both Grafton, W. Va.

George Edgar Born, 21, trucker, Reedsvllle, W. Va., and Helen Delores Tichenor, 18. checker, Arthurdale, W. Va.

Fred Richard Harvey, 20, (parents' consent) and Doris Marie Brennerman, 20, beautician, both Swanton



March 30, 1951
Joseph John Donahue, Bedford Road, and Emma Elizabeth Burkett, 144 Hanover Street.
David Walter Stump, 324 Eighth Street, S. E. Washington, D.C. and Mary Catherine Vogel, 240 Columbia Street.
Charles Carroll McDonald, 311 Laing Avenue, and Shirley Evelyn Kilne, 309 Laing Avenue.
Junior Wesley Poland, Augusta, W. Va., and Imogene Wesley Lineburg, Mew Market, Va.
Owen Jackson Simmons and Grace Mae Feaster, both of Augusta, W. Va.
Ross Earl Horclerode, Buffalo Mills, Pa., and Mae Elizabeth Smith, Berlin, Pa.
George William Hedrick, Moorefield, W. Va., and Rosemary Kathryn Helman, Purgitsville, W. Va.
Jack A. Roenstine, Queen, Pa., and Violet Faye Dugan, Claysburg, Pa.
William Anderson Ruddle, Rocksville, and Nellie Marie Anderson, Morefield, W. Va.
Elwood Raymond Cops, Locust Grove, and Mareian June Deremer, 9 Cresap Street.
Robert Vernon Coffman, New Creek, W. Va., and Gertrude Crisen, Burkington, W. Va.
Charles Junior Johnson, 504 Newton Street, and Betty Jane Black, 443 Newton Street, both Keyser, W. Va.
Ernest Clinton Fritz, RFD 8, Somerset, Pa., and Margie Laverne Greigh, RFD 3, Meyersdale, Pa.
Bernard Milton Kelm, West Salisburg, Pa., and Eleanor Mae Rankin 123 Maple Street, Frostburg.
Floyd Alvin Merrbach and Laura Minnie Bittinger, both of Salisbury, Pa.
Arthur Leroy Redbead?, 301 Massachusetts Avenue, and Melliemae Bucy, 198 Seymour Street.
James Joseph Barbarito, 30 West Hampshire Street, Piedmont, W. Va., and Donna Lou Davis, Luke.
Robert Llewelyn Abe, 252 Elder Street, and Doris Rose Rice, 219 Maple Street.
Gerald Allen Raygor, Corriganville, and Dorothy Marie Blake, 513 Henderson Avenue.
Joseph Ward Hovalter, 720 Hill top Drive, and Vivian Jane Jenkins 217 Cecella Street.


David Oliver Bosley, Piedmont, and Betty Jean Streets, Keyser.
Tuesday, 23 April 1957; Cumberland Evening Times
Posted November 23, 2011

Kenneth William Winebrenner, Mt. Savage, and Jeanette Marie Bean, 319 Broadway.
1 May 1958; Cumberland Evening Times




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